Conference Report(On the morning of 27):

·Conference Report(1):Prof. Ronald Rousseau_A view on big data and its retation to Informetrics

·Conference Report(2):Phil Baty_Working university rankings(Video)

·Conference Report(3):Prof.wen-bing liu_Research Evaluation based on Journal Acception Rate and Citation

·Conference Report(4):Prof. Mu-hsuan Huang_Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities

·Conference Report(5):Prof. Ming-yueh Tsay_Compare the Research Database and Good use to Enhance Institutional Stren

·Conference Report(6):Prof.Rong-ying Zhao_2012 Evaluation and Analysis of World-class Universities and Acadaemic Ins

Conference Report(On the afternoon of 27):

·Conference Report(7):马费成_博士生如何构建自己的KAQ结构

·Conference Report(8):赖茂生_关于情报学发展的思考

·Conference Report(9):邱均平_我国信息管理学的进展与趋势

·Conference Report(10):Charles A. Goldman_Developing a Higher Education Ranking System for Abu Dhabi

·Conference Report(11):Olga Moskaleva_Application of Scientometrics in the University evaluation and research policy: forei

·Conference Report(12):王奇_上海高校分类绩效评估

·Conference Report(13):岳卫平_Organizational Development and Strategic Planning- a Scientometrics Approach

Conference Report(The first branch of 28):

·Conference Report(14):陈达仁_positioning Research and Innovation Performance using H-related indices

·Conference Report(15):刘颖_A Study on Institution Citation Identity

·Conference Report(16):隋秀芝_Evaluation of ZSTU Science & Technology Innovation Ability

·Conference Report(17):吴建华_A Comparative Analysis on the Playability of “QQ Farm” and “Defense of Hidgeon”

·Conference Report(18):周霞_Bibliometrical Analysis of Papers supported by the National Social Science Foundation of Chin

·Conference Report(19):胡泽文_A Measure of Ghostwriting Phenomenon in China

·Conference Report(20):陈嘉勇_Performance and Funding: Impacts of Research Funding on the Quality of Chinese Humanity

·Conference Report(21):张翼飞_Some Characterizations for a Class of Skew Distributions and Its Applications

·Conference Report(22):王莉亚_Scholarly Impact Assessment of Academic Literature in Online Environment Empirical Study

Conference Report(The second branch of 28):

·Conference Report(23):沙勇忠_Geographic Distribution and Structure of the Websites of “211 Project” Universities

·Conference Report(24):刘春茂_The Application of Bibliometric Method in Performance Evaluatio

·Conference Report(25):伍军红_期刊论文的评价与应用

·Conference Report(26):周文杰_Research of Academic Information Service Platform for Universit

·Conference Report(27):李国俊_Research on Collaboration Network of Academic Library in Chines

·Conference Report(28):王理_The Intelligence Comparative Study on Gender Groups between China

·Conference Report(29):陶蕊_An Empirical Study of Authors Cooperation for Biological and Medic

·Conference Report(30):陈必坤_Analysis on Innovation Index of Chinese Universities in 2012





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